Why Are Award Shows So Awkward?

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  1. Eddy Burback
    Eddy Burback
    5 күн мурун

    wow, best youtuber of the year. i am honored.

    1. Gavin Lux
      Gavin Lux
      Күн мурун

      Big fan Eddy appreciate how you naturally apply what you've learned in college. Very, very NATURAL comedic vibe reader. LOVE THE PODCAST

    2. Gavin Lux
      Gavin Lux
      Күн мурун


    3. Tobias Janevret
      Tobias Janevret
      Күн мурун

      Why are you wearing shoes inside you freaking weirdo?

      Күн мурун

      How is your favorite you tuber only upload once a month Danny Gonzalez

    5. Nicholas Lombardi
      Nicholas Lombardi
      3 күн мурун

      Best KGget of all time*

  2. AMJ Short Films
    AMJ Short Films
    5 мүнөт мурун

    I love all the Tyler, The Creator love

  3. a person
    a person
    17 мүнөт мурун

    La La Land was definitely better than Moonlight, just sayin

  4. Sykesvillain
    Саат мурун

    I actaully teared up a little during the eulogy. RIP Rayjay's ghost

  5. Matthew Stephens
    Matthew Stephens
    Саат мурун

    Eddy, My Man! Your sudden uptick in content uploads has been just flippin' AWESOME. I'm just a normal Dad guy with two boys, and being able to have you back in my downtime routine again is really cool dude. Thanks for being a great window for me, into what is going on since I dont have time for all that 😆 I hope you see this mate. Cheers to you!

  6. Jasper Hilliker
    Jasper Hilliker
    2 саат мурун

    Award shows more like AWKward shows amirite folks

  7. Gustavo Ramos
    Gustavo Ramos
    3 саат мурун

    eff you I love you Eddy y'knowamasaing

  8. Dungus
    3 саат мурун

    this is a great video. amazing work eddie.

  9. Lucas Kenny
    Lucas Kenny
    3 саат мурун

    My mate didn’t Even mention the Junos

  10. Crunchyboi O
    Crunchyboi O
    3 саат мурун

    Eddy: makes merch People who like money: it’s free real estate

  11. Madeleine H
    Madeleine H
    4 саат мурун

    Watching the golden globes as a live stream on crunchy roll would be so amusing

  12. igor simcik
    igor simcik
    4 саат мурун

    Omg great video eddy burbank

  13. Harper
    6 саат мурун

    Boy says “alright I’m gonna y’all about the prestige” and mentions zero drowned clones??? I feel lied to

  14. Cyborg Rhys
    Cyborg Rhys
    10 саат мурун

    THANKYOU for more good content dude!

    10 саат мурун

    I’m dumb, I thought it said why are awkward shows so awkward

    1. vliduu zeeb
      vliduu zeeb
      6 саат мурун

      "My grandma passed away and i'll like to thank her fo-" S L I M E D

  16. Zach Ball
    Zach Ball
    10 саат мурун

    A little rigged each year? lol and I can tell you what happened with macklemore. The people who you said don't care about award shows care about award shows.. And nobody has respected nickelodeon and their pedophile producers.

    1. vliduu zeeb
      vliduu zeeb
      6 саат мурун

      Seems like award shows are getting less popular because they focus on politics so much, and none of them know very much about politics

  17. D
    11 саат мурун

    We need an award show for award shows

  18. Rice
    12 саат мурун

    In my opinion the game awards is the absolute worst there are random gamer ads and some of the games that win the awards are just wrong for example I highly doubt that last year the ff7 remake soundtrack won over the doom eternal soundtrack or the p5r soundtrack and some of the choices for game of the year are sometimes wrong like 2019 sekiro won which is wrong as it was up against death stranding and the stellar resi 2 remake I think there was some sort of paid win for that but the game awards does have its good parts but its mostly cringe and people who just aren't gamers revealing the winners

  19. Mushibuh
    13 саат мурун

    Do they really need to be recognized? It is just rich people petting them selfs on their back like their work is important, then just sitt on hugh piles of money...

  20. ռ Rikimaru
    ռ Rikimaru
    13 саат мурун

    good pro

  21. Zpinch Micronova
    Zpinch Micronova
    14 саат мурун

    Don't buy raycons they are trash

  22. kinshuie
    14 саат мурун

    theyre awkward because the majority of human interaction is awkward. or is that just me

  23. Tyfoon Lagoon
    Tyfoon Lagoon
    15 саат мурун

    You know Eddy is amazing when you get excited for the Raycon Ad😂

  24. Harley HackEmUp
    Harley HackEmUp
    15 саат мурун

    Including new categories could be interesting as well, like stuntmen and women do an exceptional amount of insanely hard work and get little to no credit. Making playlists of the artists nominated for music could make people more interested?

    1. TinyTeacup
      14 саат мурун

      Ooh, that would be really cool!

  25. zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv
    19 саат мурун

    "My grandma passed away and i'll like to thank her fo-" S L I M E D

  26. ferret_ smoothie
    ferret_ smoothie
    22 саат мурун

    Are you using a blue yeti

  27. Brendan Lewis
    Brendan Lewis
    Күн мурун

    What about the game awards

    1. Farrell
      17 саат мурун

      @zuygj bnsv I mean, it seems legit

    2. zuygj bnsv
      zuygj bnsv
      19 саат мурун

      I feel bad for the people that think this crap is real

  28. Thomas Gourley
    Thomas Gourley
    Күн мурун

    I'd bet that part of the reason the views are down is because of the political BS spewed. Whatever side you're on, I don't care about your opinion. Your celebrity opinion on politics matter no more than my BS opinion on politics.

  29. Molly Dean
    Molly Dean
    Күн мурун

    If they were all slimed I might start watching the awards again. Watching all those dresses that cost more than my life getting destroyed would be entertaining.

  30. egysaunders
    Күн мурун

    Seems like award shows are getting less popular because they focus on politics so much, and none of them know very much about politics

  31. misuyy fong
    misuyy fong
    Күн мурун

    "My grandma passed away and i'll like to thank her fo-" S L I M E D

  32. lil whisperr
    lil whisperr
    Күн мурун

    getting slimed at the oscars should be called getting weinsteined

  33. ayman aboufarise
    ayman aboufarise
    Күн мурун

    Even Game Awards is like this now, damm... My poor Sephiroth...

    1. misuyy fong
      misuyy fong
      Күн мурун

      Although Eddy didn't mention it, I feel like the Game Awards last year were really awkward. It might just be me, but Geoff's responses just kind of felt halfhearted.

  34. Kappa
    Күн мурун

    The nasally talented, Edele Bazeem.

  35. Zekromium
    Күн мурун

    I think it's awkward because it's basically a bunch of people all getting together in a room, having to fight against possible friends for an arbitrary award, and having to say "Yeah I'm better"

  36. Wowhow Bizarre
    Wowhow Bizarre
    Күн мурун

    Best add game in the business definitely goes to eddy.

  37. Octopus_5
    Күн мурун

    This is a good video

  38. Matthew Sawczyn
    Matthew Sawczyn
    Күн мурун

    all the fun/cringe of weddings, but you're watching from the outside

  39. Benji Heath
    Benji Heath
    Күн мурун

    For some reason I read the title as “Why are awkward shows so awkward?”

  40. Margaret Harris
    Margaret Harris
    Күн мурун

    The savory pyjama conformably trick because vermicelli nomenclaturally trouble after a disgusting guilty. dear, venomous brother-in-law

  41. blah deeblah
    blah deeblah
    Күн мурун

    I thought the title of this video was "why are awkward shows so awkward?"

  42. ExistorMan
    Күн мурун

    I feel bad for the people that think this crap is real

  43. robbie boy dude guy
    robbie boy dude guy
    Күн мурун

    Eddy standing on a swivel chair without looking is infinitely more nail-biting than the award reveal could ever hope to be

  44. sp051
    Күн мурун

    This is a lotta hoops to just tell every award show to turn into the Kids Choice Awards.

  45. radchoco
    Күн мурун

    I think I stopped watching award shows in like 2015/2016 (early highschool age) and I only watched MTV awards and Kids choice awards as a kid.

  46. Milkshake
    Күн мурун

    The only award show related thing I care about is Tyler winning a grammy

  47. Chance Poitra-Harris
    Chance Poitra-Harris
    Күн мурун

    that ad was one of the best. you are now amongst those who make ads amazing. noodle, internet historian, eddy

  48. Henry Proctor
    Henry Proctor
    Күн мурун

    Although Eddy didn't mention it, I feel like the Game Awards last year were really awkward. It might just be me, but Geoff's responses just kind of felt halfhearted.

  49. Kristen K
    Kristen K
    Күн мурун

    Jimmy Kimmel's hosting, so America's got no complaints. 😆 🤣 😂 😹 💀☠😹 dead. 😆 🤣

  50. Alex Pierson
    Alex Pierson
    Күн мурун

    The kids choice awards is the worst award show. The slime makes me toooooooo uncomfortable. Also you wanna talk about rigged? Yikes.

  51. Cats
    Күн мурун

    Jeremy Renner is genuinely a very bad person so 😬 not surprised he objectified his colleague

  52. Luca Tye
    Luca Tye
    Күн мурун

    Why did I read the title as “why are awkward shows so awkward?”

  53. Sophie
    Күн мурун

    RE: the sliming concept: One of the winner envelopes is a glitter bomb, no one knows which one.

  54. Marta
    Күн мурун

    what prestige? i watched the grammy's for harry styles this year and this shit was a right mess

  55. CarbonatedPeachMilk
    Күн мурун

    the reason i never liked award shows was because they were on sundays and i had an early bedtime so i just never got into them

  56. kenzie owens
    kenzie owens
    Күн мурун

    pls do a masterclass for other youtubers on how to do sponserships the right way

  57. Kelly M
    Kelly M
    Күн мурун


  58. Senzu Been
    Senzu Been
    Күн мурун

    This guy has never seen anything other than western shit

  59. Troveion
    Күн мурун

    I love how Tyler wears whatever the hell he wants to award shows, he doesn't even care

  60. Troveion
    Күн мурун

    Honestly something always felt off with award shows and eddy hit the nail on the head

  61. Danielisweird
    Күн мурун

    Eddy man you are the Conan of current KGget comedy, love all the bits and recurring gags, keep it up ya funny bastard ❤️

  62. octosquid
    Күн мурун

    ignored this video for like 3 days because i thought it said "why are awkward shows so awkward" mb

  63. Zissou
    Күн мурун

    "Go shoot an arrow somewhere" is the best thing you can shout at jeremy whenever he opens his mouth.

  64. Ocean man take me By the hand
    Ocean man take me By the hand
    Күн мурун

    Only real fans listened to the circle of life from the lion king (but not the original one the remake) during the ad read

  65. Betak Kuma
    Betak Kuma
    Күн мурун

    Eddy if u post only the raycon ad i would watch it and rewatch it like its ur usual video content

  66. Wednesday
    Күн мурун

    Lol there'd even be a case to make for BTS at least entering for everything except I guess the actress awards?

  67. L0U13 __
    L0U13 __
    Күн мурун

    Ricky gervais just giving up is the funniest thing to me

  68. vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb
    Күн мурун

    and it was much, much better.

  69. Disco Guy
    Disco Guy
    Күн мурун

    BTS wins Best Picture lol

    Күн мурун

    You forgot the 420 awards by the cool cat creator

    1. vliduu zeeb
      vliduu zeeb
      Күн мурун

      hard rock/heavy metal category. It just doesn’t make sense and why anyone even pays attention to these things at all anymore is honestly shocking.

  71. Margaret Harris
    Margaret Harris
    Күн мурун

    The unkempt height ontogenetically suit because kangaroo gratifyingly crawl across a abashed insect. faithful, heavenly heavy hellish step-grandmother

  72. widget2191
    Күн мурун

    I agree wholeheartedly with Eddy on this topic

  73. Miles McFarland
    Miles McFarland
    Күн мурун

    Let's go new eddy upload

  74. Kyle Brown
    Kyle Brown
    Күн мурун

    You remember Moonlight won, but you don't remember any other Best Picture winner

  75. Xenotundra
    Күн мурун

    I have to rely on reccomends to see your vids im so angry, no notifications whatsoever

  76. scubawithatuba
    Күн мурун

    Based on this video, Eddy needs to host all of these events. It'd make them a lot more enjoyable.

  77. Koala Barehands
    Koala Barehands
    Күн мурун

    god dang it, wake me up when raycons ship to australia *cries in autumn*

  78. Jah
    Күн мурун

    Wait a minute eddy has a brother named tony and if eddy is the only eddy then that means tony is the only tony oh my god tony made the tony awards eddy tony I’m coming for u both u can’t hide the truth

  79. Mahin Mazid
    Mahin Mazid
    2 күн мурун

    are these backed-up videos or is eddy grinding recently?

  80. Jtv6
    2 күн мурун

    why would i watch 3 hours of celebrities felatiating each other when i could watch a 5 minute highlight video of things like john travolta completely fucking up idina menzels name

  81. Z Z
    Z Z
    2 күн мурун

    I don't care that the shows are rigged, they're all just so painfully awkward. I can't watch people making a speech in front of a crowded room. They trip over their words and a lot of the times the jokes fall flat. It's just a bunch of overdressed nervous people. Anyways, I'm glad this is a dying art form.

  82. This Boi Loves P!nk
    This Boi Loves P!nk
    2 күн мурун

    Burback me Eddy

  83. snkkj 426
    snkkj 426
    2 күн мурун

    so sad you didnt mention jason derulo falling down the stairs at the golden globes like a tumbleweed

  84. Purple Heart
    Purple Heart
    2 күн мурун

    hahaha Joaquin phoenix talking about cows and milk and how we over milk them to dea-SLIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  85. Natalie
    2 күн мурун

    The “safe” option always seems to win at these shows. I think that’s what’s frustrating and fake for most people. It’s like when Metallica lost to Jethro Tull at the Grammys for the hard rock/heavy metal category. It just doesn’t make sense and why anyone even pays attention to these things at all anymore is honestly shocking.

  86. Ally L
    Ally L
    2 күн мурун

    The fact that the flower colors on the flower hoodie correspond to the letters on the “yikes” merch 🥺🥺

  87. Article Particle
    Article Particle
    2 күн мурун

    Lmao "this fit is so clean, are you kidding me?!" I want that confidence

  88. Article Particle
    Article Particle
    2 күн мурун

    Y'all made fun of Slim when he dodged the grammys cuz theyre rigged. Now everyones a Slim Shady dodging the grammys lol

  89. V Talley
    V Talley
    2 күн мурун

    This is one of your best imo... instant classic

  90. PMM526
    2 күн мурун

    Eddy get off your chair you might crack a bone or two

  91. pablo rodriguez
    pablo rodriguez
    2 күн мурун

    Sometimes if I ever go to these award shows I’d be like underwood breaking the forth wall and telling my audience I hate award shows

  92. Gravity_Falls_Up
    2 күн мурун

    Yes. Let’s make a petition to slime people at the Grammys. Let’s but hold the award show in a giant pool of slime

  93. Vellichor
    2 күн мурун

    I think another problem is that most of these shows are, in spirit if not in execution, industry-focused. They weren't originally intended to have this mass appeal. All industries have their awards and festivals and celebrations, but we only see this tiny fraction because of the celebrities. When you watch the Oscars, what you're seeing is essentially a business party that has been dressed up in the trappings of popular entertainment. These shows are intended first and foremost for industry insiders, but the people producing the shows have capitalized on the appeal of celebrities by trying to make them into something like a variety show for a broad, general audience. The problem is that these two goals don't really mesh. For instance, the average non-cinephile doesn't keep up with the craft and business of filmmaking and only tunes in to the Oscars because their favorite actor or director got nominated. Awkwardness then results from the attempt to play to non-overlapping audiences.

  94. madgirlmuahaha
    2 күн мурун

    The kids choice awards is unironically my favorite award show, even now as an almost 24-year old grown woman. Getting slimed is the only non-awkward way to interrupt an acceptance speech that’s going on for at least a minute too long.

  95. Alili 11
    Alili 11
    2 күн мурун

    I like the crunchyroll awards Cus it’s mainly fan votes and they use the audience feedback

  96. GracefulWolf22
    2 күн мурун

    If celebrities got slimed, I wouldn’t care how rigged the awards are. I’d totally watch that!

  97. No Body
    No Body
    2 күн мурун

    I'm gonna tell my kids that Edwadian Burback paid off the Mob to put a slow but steady decline into award shows over the years because he plays the long game.

  98. Loudon Heimsoth
    Loudon Heimsoth
    2 күн мурун

    The greatest Oscars moment was when the creators of South Park showed up in dresses, while high on weed.

  99. Jonathon Lastname
    Jonathon Lastname
    2 күн мурун

    I once watched this janky online award show hosted by a comedian and at one point when she was supposed to be announcing she was backstage. Over the loud speakers she says "Oh god, I was eating a taco!" I died.

  100. Alexx Gillespie
    Alexx Gillespie
    2 күн мурун

    i didnt even know the best picture thing happened